Greenstone Heat Pumps and Underfloor Limited provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service for ground source and air source heat pumps that enable home owners and businesses reliant on off grid or electrical heating systems to significantly reduce the cost of their energy and heating bills and provide a more stable, cost effective and environmentally friendly form of heating. Greenstone Heat Pumps also design and install underfloor heating systems to work hand in hand with heat pump systems – more about Greenstone Heat…

All Greenstone Heat Pumps and Underfloor Limited installations are covered under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which means you will be eligible for quarterly cash payments for seven years to help offset the investment in to your new air or ground source heating equipment.

Greenstone Heat Pumps has extensive experience of the application process and we help our clients all the way through to ensure they get the best possible returns.

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Greenstone specialise in Ground Source, Air Source, Biomass and Underfloor Heating. We work with only a small select number of manufacturers that we have grown to trust and have supported and helped us to grow and become the reputable and respected company we are today – Find out more about our services..

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