Underfloor Heating from Greenstone Heat

This type of emitter to heat your property is one of the most economical ways to run your heating system and most comfortable. Heat is dissipated up through your floor evenly and underneath the pipes are insulation which ensures no heat is wasted downward. Radiators typically work up to 70°C flow temperatures which compared to underfloor heating is set between 35°C to 45°C. As a result, running costs are improved.

At Greenstone we are experienced installers of under floor heating and will review which design and layout would best suit each of your rooms. Many manufacturers supply a wide range of under floor heating types, which provide property owners different ways to heat their floor. This will depend on the floor construction and your chosen floor finish i.e. tiles, carpet or wood.

We have used many controllers and particular recommend Polypipe controls. Controlling heating has advance so much recently, enabling you to specify parameters for each room. We can provide options so you can view room temperatures and set times you want your heating turned on via your phone, from anywhere in the world.

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