Air Source Heat Pumps from Greenstone Heat


The first heat pump created was in 1856 by Peter von Rittinger who used the heat pump to dry salt in salt marshes in Austria. As any product since its conception, there have been many improvements and applications for heat pumps. The UK is relatively new to this type of heating compared to Scandinavian countries where they have been using this technology for over 40 years. Due to the lack of fossil fuels these counties had to be proactive if their choice of heating systems.

How air source heat pumps work

Heat pumps are a source of renewable energy as they take a low grade heat (from the air or ground) and transfer it into a high grade heat.

Air source heat pumps extract energy from the air even as low as -15°C. Extracting this low grade heat at this temperature is still enough for the heat pump to multiple or amplify this heat to 65°C. Therefore, satisfying your heating and hot water demands.

At each core of a heat pump is the compressor which has refrigerant fluid, it’s the process of the refrigerate fluid which captures the energy from outside and boils at very low temperatures (lower than -15°C) which changes its state from a liquid to a gas. This changing of state is the process which amplifies or multiples the energy. The increased energy enables the heat pump to deliver water at high flow temperatures and meets the power required to heat your home.

Our solution for you

Here at Greenstone we pride ourselves researching the market and exploring which manufacturers and model are best suited for specific applications. Heat pumps in general will save you more money in running cost and reduce more carbon emissions if the flow temperature to your radiators or underfloor heating is kept low.

We have attended many heat pump manufacturer training courses and our current preference for air source is NIBE.

MCS Certified

We are MCS certified:

“MCS is a mark of quality and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently install or manufacture to the highest quality every time.”

More information on MCS can be found here

Since it’s classed as a renewable technology it will qualify you to receive the renewable heat incentive. The renewable heat incentive together with the savings you make against your old heating system is designed to pay off the capital cost of the installation and equipment.

For domestic installations the payment from Ofgem directly to you last 7 years.
More information from Ofgem can be found here.

For commercial installations the payment from Ofgem directly to you last 20 years.
More information from Ofgem can be found here.

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